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Analyze with efficiency

Get a 360-degree view of your results on all social networks from a single place, to set performance benchmarks and monitor improvements over time. Our customizable reports make it easy to distill, distribute, and digest the facts and figures that are most meaningful to your organization./p>

Analyze with efficiency
Your reputation is everything. Make sure it’s protected, globally

Newsfetcher is your extra set of eyes and ears. Its AI powered analysis provides real time insights into what's happening on all social channels and online media, across 187 languages. This enables you to quickly identify issues and complaints before a crisis hits.

Find your ROI

Use Newsfetcher Impact to calculate the real return on your social media investment, to solidify the business case for social in your organization. Impact helps you demonstrate how your social media channels and campaigns drive leads, conversions, and sales. Customizable dashboards feature easy-to-read graphs, tables, and KPI summaries—perfect for results-oriented stakeholders.

Improve customer satisfaction

Track & engage online reviews, social media mentions, blogs, message boards, news sites and much more. Learn what people like or dislike about your company to improve communication. Access and engage online mentions to grow customer satisfaction.